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In American Now

Pigmented Inkjet on Vinyl


I am a news junkie and the newspaper and NPR stories about the Occupy Movement stuck with me. The protestors and their crusade are part of the long American history of peaceful and violent demonstrations. The economy in the toilet, people losing jobs, the battles between the right and the left, our fascination with celebrity, our dependence on social media as a main source of communication, the disparity between the rich and poor along with the shrinking middle class brought me to In America Now.

Making art is my form of protest. And as usual, I began to pull action figures out of their storage containers with the intent of using them to say something—but what? After mulling it over for a few days, I hit upon the idea of representing archetypes of people involved in our national conversation. They run the gamut between the wealthly and poor, religious and iconoclasts, celebrity and shlub—a typical cross section of American life.


  • Series of 13

  • Prints sized 84” tall and vary between 33” and 49” wide

  • Editions of 10

  • Available for purchase

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