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Archival Inkjet on Paper


I’ve always been interested in the human condition and have used different approaches to tell stories about who we are and how we relate to each other. In this series I am utilizing 12-inch action figures as stand-ins for people. The metaphors and allegories in these scenarios are observations on both simple and complex human interactions. They touch on subjects that are social, political, sexual, psychological, and spiritual. They run an emotional gambit from serious to whimsical.

Death (the character in black with a skull head) becomes an observer, an actuator, and an arbitrator. The settings relate to my interest in dioramas at natural history museums and in sets built for film and theater. The action goes beyond the edges of the frame, to an unseen world.


  • Series of 7

  • Prints sized 20” x 30”

  • Editions of 10

  • Available for purchase

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