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American Obsession

Pigmented Inkjet on Vinyl


After using action figures for several years I became interested in the bits and pieces of consumer or martial items that either came with the figures, where included in their play sets or could be bought packaged on their own. Make up, clothing, household accouterments, and so on that accompanied Barbie, Ken and their fashionista knock-offs; guns, knives, uniforms and all that helps win wars, which came with G.I. Joe and the brigades of soldiers from other manufacturers.

Besides creating a more “convincing play experience” for the child using the product, I couldn’t help but think that in some manner they also played a part in inculcating a desire to own all these things once the child became an adult. These grids are typologies of consumption that linger after the toys are cast aside.


  • Series of 60

  • Prints sized 24” x 24”

  • Editions of 10

  • Available for purchase

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