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A Case Study For What Drives Our
Self-Destructive Tendencies

Mixed Media - Gallery Installation


This piece is modeled on a series of full size constructions that I built for my graduate art thesis at California State University Northridge. In this updated version, I have taken the idea a step further by including props and increasing the presence and size of the structure.

A Case Study… is meant to work on two levels, first as a deconstruction of a photograph: a moment in time taken out of the context of the recorded event; the presentation of that moment as a truthful record; and a conceptual reversal of the typical photograph, which is a two dimensional representation of three dimensional space. The second level is a comment on our lack of self-control when we put basic necessities, such as shelter, at financial risk in order to over-consume that, which we don’t necessarily need.

A Case Study… was built for an exhibition and was then destroyed. It was 12’ tall by 42” x 32”. It was mixed media: wallpaper from photographs, wood, electrical wiring, fiberglass insulation, a framed photograph and a Saws-all. It can be reconstructed.


  • 12’ tall by 42” x 32”

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